Banff Avenue Community House
Maison communautaire avenue Banff
How to Help

We welcome your children's clothing and household items.  Please call today to donate.  (Note:  We don't have the capacity to pick up large items.

We are in need of committed volunteers  to help out in : homework club, organising the children's cloting cupboard, assisting in the food bank, office work, and much more.  To volunteer, please call us 613-739-5702 or email us at

It's through community grants and monetary donations that make summer camps flourish, youth drop-ins shine and preschool programs twinkle. Please donate today.


Please complete request form and mail directly to Mrs Sylvie Manser Ottawa  K1V6M6 ON  Banff Community House  2084A-B Banff Ottawa  K1V6M6 ON



2084 A-B Banff Avenue, Ottawa, ON, K1V 7X9, Canada