Banff Avenue Community House
Maison communautaire avenue Banff
Volunteer Recognition

      Long term volunteer of Banff                   Community and Board Member 

       Robert Beauchemin

Robert was a member of the  "Société Saint Vincent de Paul de la  Paroisse Saint Thomas d'Aquin on Kilborn street  for the past 48 years. He visited  many families  and brought  food and clothes to families in need.

He assisted  Mrs. Sylvie Manser in forming a Board of Directors by bringing other outside members to join. He was 23 years serving on the Banff avenue Community House Board. 

Mr Beauchemin has retired this year from the St Vincent and Banff Community house  Board of Directors.  He says he has witnessed a 100% transformation in the Banff community and he thanks Mrs Sylvie Manser who from the time she became house director, has coordinated volunteers and employees to a complete renewal of the Banff community. 

Mr Beauchemin says his heart and his presence will forever stay in the Banff project.  A golden plaque was installed on the bench outsite the Community House, thanking him for his many years of service in the community. 


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                      Llewellyn Dicks 

United Way of Ottawa celebrating volunteers in Ottawa. Community builders are all over the city, working tirelessly, often behind the scenes, influencing thousands of lives in Ottawa. These are the everyday heroes we recognize with Community Builder Awards, Every Wednesday, children flood into the Banff Community House to see what the smoothie of the day will be. Lew comes in to deliver healthy snacks, help kids with math homework and provides a listening ear for reading practice. In the past seven years. Lew has delivered more than 13,000 smoothies to kids living in the Banff and Ledbury community. Lew is dependable, positive and a great supportive presence for kids. Lew is also very supportive of the Banff Community House Bursary program, supporting first year college and university students from the Banff community.

2084 A-B Banff Avenue, Ottawa, ON, K1V 7X9, Canada